THIS chart helped curb my overspending habit-- I think it will help you too! Check it out, it makes saving much more fun! -S


  • How To Spot Bad Investing Advice

    “All that glitters is not gold.” It’s within human tendency, especially in western culture, to chase what is new, innovative, and well, shiny. I personally call it “shiny object syndrome,” or the condition of distraction. This “condition” hits high achiever, entrepreneurial minds harder than most.
  • Traditional FI vs Real Estate FI

    TRADITIONAL FL If you’ve ever done a little Google searching on the concept of financial independence, you likely have come across the “rule of 25”. The great and powerful rule of 25 is what most people call your “FI number.”

  • Live Life On Your Own Terms: Get Out Of Debt

    Debt is a thief that steals your choices and happiness. We felt this reality as our choices started to leave us trapped and suffocated under a pile of bills at the end of each month. I realized we needed to find debt freedom and get our lives back. We worked too hard and too long with too little to show for it.

  • 5 Methods I Used To Stop Overspending

    Dave Ramsey states that there are savers and spenders in a relationship. I always thought I was the saver. HA. After budgeting for a few months, I saw a big, ugly trend emerge. I spent a lot of money. Clothes, groceries, dinner with friends, home decor, Amazon. Oh, Amazon. The list could go on and on