THIS chart helped curb my overspending habit-- I think it will help you too! Check it out, it makes saving much more fun! -S

NGFI Rental Property Deal Analysis Calculator - Nerds Guide to FI

NGFI Rental Property Deal Analysis Calculator

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The math can get so confusing when it comes to analyzing deals on rental properties.  I developed this simple calculator, with 8 key calculations, to help me quickly analyze deals and make better decisions -- and now I am sharing it with all of you too!  

Input the basic deal information, and let the calculator do the rest.  Includes:

1. The 1% rule

2. The 70% rule

3. Cap rate

4. Net operating income

5. Cash flow from operations 

6. Net income after financing (CASH FLOW)

7. Cap Ex (a basic and an advanced method!)

8. Cash on cash return